Saturday, September 15, 2007

gt&t to bring in collie buddz

i told you previously that digicel was planning to bring shaggy and destra to guyana later this year but gt&t will now look to take the sting out of that concert by bringing in hot dancehall artiste collie buddz and a big hip hop or r&b artiste but the word is they have not yet secured the deal and are negotiating with a couple of big names in the us. the concert is temporarily planned for november but it might be pushed back depending on the availability of the hip hop or r&b artiste. it is not yet known if it will be a free concert or if patrons will have to pay. gt&t will have to roll out some big money because hip hop and r&b artistes do not come cheap and they have huge entourages following them everywhere from security people to their own make up and wardrobe people. if the r&b/hip hop plan falls through gt&t will look to work their plan b of approaching jamaican heart throb sean paul to team up with collie buddz for the show.

party animal trevor rose

it looks like trevor rose is a serious party animal. here he is at it again at the virgo party at the new court yard having a good time. it looks like trevor is such a serious party animal that not even his seriously pregnant wife, michelle cole can keep him home once there is a party on somewhere in town. and click this link to see him wining down at another party - retro heat

Thursday, September 13, 2007

adrian dutchin to leave kross kolors

i heard that leading soca artiste adrian dutchin, one half of x2 is soon to leave the kross kolors label. there is no acrimony, adrian is moving to another local studio/label thought to be brutal tracks in order to benefit from a better financial deal. it is a business move and the split is going down on good terms as the big burchmore simon the boss of kross kolors expects adrian to return to them soon once he realises that he is making a big mistake.

sheldon goes uncle sam

word on the street is that local actor and television show host sheldon braithwaite is about to pack up and head out to uncle sam. he's a talented young man and if this is true then we will miss him.

jumo's spelling struggles

we all know that mr rubberwaist jumo is the best winer in the caribbean but it looks like jumo needs some spelling lessons. on his hi5 page he wrote the following:

my name is jumo fitzpatrik primo..stage name to entertain ppl and keep my fans happy i love kids and have one of my wone i have a big family but love them very humble kool and and like to have fun.riding with my crwe and being with the kroos kolor fam thats wear i make all my music. i love to meet new ppl and lurn difrent ting likes and dislike but realy would love more paice in the world.

he also lists his occupation as "mucision"

this boy needs an english teacher quick!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hot odessa update

have a look at this photograph which former miss guyana universe and world odessa phillips posted on her hi5 page recently. she says that it was taken on albour day weekend this year and she is about to go clubbin with her friends. she certainly is showing off those legs. she also has a new hairstyle. persons posting on this blog have said that she is working on wall street in manhattan and is studying law in the US.

keep comments clean people

listen haterz please be careful with your comments or else they will be deleted. i will not permit nastiness, hatred, cursing and the besmirching of people's character. this is not a blog which will tolerate persons branding people 'hos', 'whores' or any other such terms. people just behave. i will not also tolerate nastiness such as who has group sex with whom, who toss whose boyfriend clothes over the verandah, who put out whose mother and cuss them out nasty. these things are better left to be gossiped about in private and not on a public forum such as this one. this is just a site to keep the public updated with what the celebrities of guyana are doing. again, please be careful and decent with your comments. olive and ulex we apologize to you two beautiful, gorgeous and intelligent young ladies who represent guyana beautifully. keep your heads high and remain proud of all your wonderful achievements.