Saturday, September 15, 2007

gt&t to bring in collie buddz

i told you previously that digicel was planning to bring shaggy and destra to guyana later this year but gt&t will now look to take the sting out of that concert by bringing in hot dancehall artiste collie buddz and a big hip hop or r&b artiste but the word is they have not yet secured the deal and are negotiating with a couple of big names in the us. the concert is temporarily planned for november but it might be pushed back depending on the availability of the hip hop or r&b artiste. it is not yet known if it will be a free concert or if patrons will have to pay. gt&t will have to roll out some big money because hip hop and r&b artistes do not come cheap and they have huge entourages following them everywhere from security people to their own make up and wardrobe people. if the r&b/hip hop plan falls through gt&t will look to work their plan b of approaching jamaican heart throb sean paul to team up with collie buddz for the show.

party animal trevor rose

it looks like trevor rose is a serious party animal. here he is at it again at the virgo party at the new court yard having a good time. it looks like trevor is such a serious party animal that not even his seriously pregnant wife, michelle cole can keep him home once there is a party on somewhere in town. and click this link to see him wining down at another party - retro heat

Thursday, September 13, 2007

adrian dutchin to leave kross kolors

i heard that leading soca artiste adrian dutchin, one half of x2 is soon to leave the kross kolors label. there is no acrimony, adrian is moving to another local studio/label thought to be brutal tracks in order to benefit from a better financial deal. it is a business move and the split is going down on good terms as the big burchmore simon the boss of kross kolors expects adrian to return to them soon once he realises that he is making a big mistake.

sheldon goes uncle sam

word on the street is that local actor and television show host sheldon braithwaite is about to pack up and head out to uncle sam. he's a talented young man and if this is true then we will miss him.

jumo's spelling struggles

we all know that mr rubberwaist jumo is the best winer in the caribbean but it looks like jumo needs some spelling lessons. on his hi5 page he wrote the following:

my name is jumo fitzpatrik primo..stage name to entertain ppl and keep my fans happy i love kids and have one of my wone i have a big family but love them very humble kool and and like to have fun.riding with my crwe and being with the kroos kolor fam thats wear i make all my music. i love to meet new ppl and lurn difrent ting likes and dislike but realy would love more paice in the world.

he also lists his occupation as "mucision"

this boy needs an english teacher quick!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hot odessa update

have a look at this photograph which former miss guyana universe and world odessa phillips posted on her hi5 page recently. she says that it was taken on albour day weekend this year and she is about to go clubbin with her friends. she certainly is showing off those legs. she also has a new hairstyle. persons posting on this blog have said that she is working on wall street in manhattan and is studying law in the US.

keep comments clean people

listen haterz please be careful with your comments or else they will be deleted. i will not permit nastiness, hatred, cursing and the besmirching of people's character. this is not a blog which will tolerate persons branding people 'hos', 'whores' or any other such terms. people just behave. i will not also tolerate nastiness such as who has group sex with whom, who toss whose boyfriend clothes over the verandah, who put out whose mother and cuss them out nasty. these things are better left to be gossiped about in private and not on a public forum such as this one. this is just a site to keep the public updated with what the celebrities of guyana are doing. again, please be careful and decent with your comments. olive and ulex we apologize to you two beautiful, gorgeous and intelligent young ladies who represent guyana beautifully. keep your heads high and remain proud of all your wonderful achievements.

Friday, August 31, 2007

asha goes antigua

former miss talented teen and miss guyana universe first runner up and local model asha pieters now lives in antigua where she is a flight attendant with LIAT. she has married or to be married to a pilot and is reportedly enjoying life. here is a photo of her and her 'bo' jeff

sex and catfight at gfw backstage

kaieteur news brings all the dirt from backstage of the guyana fashion weekend

Guyana Fashion Weekend backstage pass

Caught on tape?
While there was much to celebrate front stage of the Guyana Fashion Weekend it appears that much more was happening back stage. There was at least one unmentionable involving a Guyanese hunk and an international catwalk diva. As a result of that unmentionable being caught on camera so embarrassed was the lady that she wanted to fight the hunk for bandying about the photos. Entertainer was back stage when the lady lunged at the Guyanese hunk dishing out expletives galore. Confusion reigned back stage causing a somewhat late start but the organizers should be commended for the professionalism front stage. No, nobody got raped but there was certainly an actress in the house and in the end the GT hunk had to leave the event without putting in his second night appearance while the American diva was allowed to strut her stuff…Talk about unfair.

Clash of the designers
Trinidad took on Barbados backstage but it certainly was not a beauty contest or a boxing match and neither was there a football. At the centre of the clash were Barbados designers Kingsley Thorne and Trinidadian Dominique. Thorne's designs sizzled the night before and that was nowhere close to what was slated for night two. This time around Kinsley's showcase involved gold paint on the men for his swimwear line while Dominique wanted the said models to showcase his white garments. The war began when it was realized that Kingsley's line was right before Dominique's. Kingsley's contention was that the paint was removable in seconds with wet towels but Dominique would not hear of it and neither would one of the coordinators.

Step #1: Kingsley declared that he was no longer showcasing his line as he dragged his locks out of place.

Step # 2: He ordered the models to take off his clothes as he declared, “My line not showing tonight; the people are too biased. All the models take off my clothes”

Step #3: Kingsley grabbed all of his clothing began forcing them into the suitcase. “I leaving right now.”

Step # 4: The ladies kept their composure but two male models began crying bitterly as they expressed how disappointed their relatives who bought tickets to see them would be cheated of the chance to watch them shine.

Step #4 : As Kingsley headed for the door to wheel his line out through the audience models and designers got into the begging mode and saved the day (night).

Now what?
According to Kingsley “I will never come back to do Fashion Week in Guyana … No way… I will be on TV in Barbados on Friday to say why… I am off to St Vincent from 02 09 07…it's a fashion show I am going to and I hope this one is good

timeka marshall resurfaces

songbird timeka marshall has resurfaced after being missing in action for some time and it looks like she has caught the attention of some important people in the fashion world. below kaiteur news got the scoop on the action from the guyana fashion week.

Timeka Marshall a runway diva?

Timeka Marshall might not have made any recent musical hits but she sure was hit on the runway last weekend. Strutting her stuff on both nights of the Guyana Fashion weekend she proved that she certainly has the looks and the attitude of a runway diva, someone on par with international standards. According to some, her unique features make clothes look good and her skin and attitude are workable. According to one of the international media operatives, “She certainly is seller and I want to see her in more regional shows.” He was doubly surprised when he was told that she's also a singer. His exclamation then was, “if she sings as well as she looks she's heading places.” Entertainer offered no comment but we did slip the writer a contact number.

meleesa payne going bald?

kaieteur news brings us some dirt on miss guyana universe meleesa payne. we hope this is not a long term problem or else it could be devastating.

MeLeesa Payne - Going bald or fashion statement?

Yes, you see right. Miss Guyana Universe Meleesa Payne has cut off her hair. Giving Jack his jacket, she sure does look good bald but had she a choice her hair would have been intact. When Entertainer queried Payne said, “it started to fall out after the Miss Universe pageant…I was told that it had a lot to do with the water in Mexico so I decided to cut it off.” Not having much hair is by no means slowing this Classique Dancer down as she is back to teaching and practising dance as well as working on her children's charity drive and ripping runways. Internationally, several weeks back she was among the better models at the Bikini under the Bridge show in New York . More recently she was a hot number on the runways of the Guyana Fashion Weekend staged at Buddy's International Hotel.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

king solomon's fly ride

ma girls and i were chatting dis evening and the conversation moved around quite a bit until it ended up at a big question: which fly guy drives the flyest ride in GT? who are the main contenders? for my money pressy of the photo place has a nice suv (not sure what kind it is but it looks hot) and ronnie sarwan drives a nice bmw suv and mr. kings son of king's jewellery drives a big lexus jeep but that just too big. for me the prize has to go to the other king, king solomon for that sexy chrysler car (see photo above) that he rolls around in. ma girls don't necessarily agree with me but dat's how i feel. they say mr. splashmin who drives a bmw convertible wins for them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 down

it looks like the website is down. this is the message you get when you try to log on:

This website is coming soon. If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information.

Monday, August 27, 2007

trevor rose parties while wife pregnant

this is a classic example of why women like me got to hate men. the poor woman (michelle cole, his wife) is at home pregnant with big big belly and probably suffering pains and cramps and he (trevor rose) out at saturday night fever enjoying himself. what a man who don't care about his pregnant wife or maybe he just needed to get out and blow off some steam. any which way it dont look good. anyways when de baby comin out?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

shonnett moore's new man?

i waz just browsing one of my fav entertainment websites - - and saw this photograph which was taken at the jamzone bush cook up at splashmin's. i have to ask two questions is this former beauty queen and now reporter shonnett moore's man and if not was she doing some late nite cooking with him? shonnett's hair and that air mattress looks well assaulted. shonnett look so guilty! look how she trying to pretend to do work with the paper and pen in her hand! come on girl tell the story, people want to know.

ronnie + brionie exposed

west indies captain ronnie sarwan hangs out with his girlfriend brionie tiwari who is the daughter of brian tiwari who is the owner of bk construction. there is one thing we could say about this couple, their children, if they reach that far will be swimming in money. sorry girls i hear he is very serious about her so it looks like she has his heart and you will have to go find another man.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

olive tying the knot?

the hot rumour is GT is that former miss guyana world olive gopaul is starting to plan a wedding! olive who i heard got engaged on valentine's day and her fiance have finally set a dat for the wedding and it will be around the christmas holidays. while she has not yet decided the wedding is likely to be at a hotel in georgetown but i understand that it could also be at one of guyana's resorts. olive is reportedly engaged to her long time boyfriend. the couple have been together shortly after she left high school and was at UG. it is believed that she met her man while at university. i wish the happy couple all the best and many many beautiful children.

Friday, August 24, 2007

jasmine hertzog blow up

when last have you seen former miss guyana world jasmine hertzog on television or in the newspaper? a long time now right? well my girl jenny, up on the east coast who always minding people bizness (sometimes more than me!) told me that jasmine is hiding from photographers and cameramen because she has gotten fat. the once slim beauty queen is now carrying around about 180 lbs and struggling to tuck in her belly. the last time i saw her was on television either late last year or early this year when she was doing some modeling for clairans and she did have on a few pounds more than normal then. well as they say, she has now 'blown up' like a balloon! we got one recommendation - buddy's gym!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

ulex & her executive man

ulex atwell the former almost beauty queen (she was first runner up in the miss guyana universe 2002 and miss guyana world 2005 pageants) is going out with a high level executive of a canadian company which is doing a lot of business with the guyana government (think the new machine readable passports). i hear the relationship has been going on for quite some time now and ulex has accompanied the executive on many of his trips to canada, around the caribbean. the happy couple has been spotted at several of georgetown's top restaurants and several exclusive parties and functions put on by ambassadors and other high level officials in the country. apparently once the executive, who is based in guyana at the moment, leaves guyana, ulex will travel and live with the executive who i understand is divorced and getting close to 50. the girl looks like she likes the older man and is definitely moving along.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

odessa phillips goes new york

my friend in new york emailed me a few weeks back and told me that she saw former miss guyana world and universe odessa phillips there and she is not sure but she thinks that odessa no longer lives in guyana. i had to make a few calls to ma peeps on da west side. they tell me that odessa left guyana a few years ago and now lives in new york where she is working in manhattan. odessa graduated from UG with a degree in law and was supposed to have gone off to law school in trinidad in order to qualify as a lawyer but the plans changed and she moved to the US. i am not sure if she is studying US law but i hear that she has never returned home since leaving. i'm not sure if this is because she is not yet 'legal' or if she has just decided not to. her family is still in guyana and i hear she has dumped her long time boyfriend in guyana and is now single and available. oh, poor guy. i bet the local boys will be queuing up at timehri if she returns.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

shaggy + destra to hit guyana

there is all kind of talk in guyana about which international artiste will have a show in guyana next. ever since digicel came into the market there have been several major shows including akon and the unheard of move of a free destra show which was put on by banks DIH two weeks ago in a direct effort to flop the hits and jamz boyz jamzone pageant.

i am hearing though that destra and shaggy are going to team up for a massive digicel show later this year. the internationally acclaimed shaggy hit the charts this year again with his smash hit church heathen and since his massive show a few years ago at the cricket ground he has not been to guyana since. i think that his return is long overdue.

Monday, August 20, 2007

timeka marshall going yardcore?

songbird timeka marshall told kaieteur news' mondale smith recently that she has a guyanese bf by the name of hayden (in photo above)who is a local hockey player but the word in some circles in gt is that timeka is paying more attention to a jamaican hunk who she sees every time she goes to kingston. and recently she has been going to the land of reggae very regularly even though she has not been doing much on the music scene. i heard that the jamaican badman that timeka is seeing is in the music industry in 'de yawd' as they call jamaica and that he is making big promises to her for the explosion of her career regionally and internationally. we'll bring you more on this as it comes to us. i'll give the sister a break and not call her 2 timin just yet. let's just say she is planning for all eventualities or more like giving herself options.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

gt's hottest blog launched!

there are many guyanese blogs dedicated to all sorts of things but this blog is guyana's hottest blog. i will bring to you all the latest news and hottest gossips live from gt. i will bring you all the stories that you will not find in stabroek news or kaieteur news or that other newspaper. i will tell you about all the naughty (and nice) things that the guyanese celebrities are doing and what they are up to. anything and everything on the guyanese celebrity scene gets to us and we will give it to you just as we receive it. we hope you enjoy reading and please do come back.

leave a comment below and let me know what you think. if you have some hot and juicy news you want to share with readers please send me an email at